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By September 4, 2018Highlight

One Hope is more than a gathering at Kyle Field. We believe it is a movement. A movement of visible unity, extraordinary prayer, personal evangelism and a catalytic event that would lead to sustainable community gospel transformation.

Recently, I read an article where a political scientist made reference to the idea that America could be at the beginning of a soft civil war. I don’t know what a “soft civil war” is, but I do know the fact that people are talking about it speaks to the division in our culture. The last real impactful move of God in America followed the extreme division of the late 1960’s. It became known as the Jesus Movement.

A unified Church is the answer to a divided world. For unity to happen in the Church, there must be a common cause to rally around. We believe Jesus and the gospel should be central to the unity of the Church. After all, Jesus is the only One who can replace a cold dead heart with a new one that will demonstrate the love for God and one’s neighbor.

We are now approaching fifty years since the start of the Jesus Movement. Could the stage be set for another great move of God? I believe so. If you are not already a One Hope partner or participating church, we ask you to prayerfully consider being a part of this movement. It’s all about Jesus. He is the One Hope for the individual, the Brazos Valley and beyond.

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