Are the days of “mass evangelism” over? Some will argue they are. However, the error in the belief that presenting the gospel to large numbers of people is no longer effective lies in forgetting that the gospel “is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.” Whether the good news of Jesus is shared with one, or tens of thousands, it is just as powerful today as it was when Paul wrote about it in Romans 1:16.

We must not think of sharing the gospel in Kyle Field as “mass evangelism”, but one on one evangelism on a mass scale. God’s work of salvation through the gospel is not hindered by the number of people hearing the gospel message. In Peter’s first sermon, Luke records that three thousand were converted! In addition to training hundreds, and maybe thousands, to share the gospel in their own “Jerusalem”, we will proclaim the gospel in Kyle Field on 4/25/20. In this moment, God through His Holy Spirit will meet individuals one on one with the power of His gospel.

Will you commit to praying for five people you know who need to hear the gospel? If so, you can download the HopeFor5 card to use as a daily reminder and prayer guide:



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