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The Bridge Ministries was organized in the summer of 2010 with the mission to share hope in Christ through building relationships and serving those in need throughout the Brazos Valley. Since that time, The Bridge Ministries has served countless families through a weekly food bank, hosted after school programs to mentor and tutor kids in kindergarten through high school, held a weekly bible study each Sunday evening, as well as provided many other programs for the Bryan/College Station community.

Part of One Hope’s vision is to support and promote the ongoing efforts to serve our community. For years now, The Bridge Ministries has been uniting churches to provide for those in need. In addition to meeting practical needs, they have also shared the good news of Jesus with all those who have come through their doors. The Bridge Ministries has been a much needed expression of the Kingdom to so many throughout the Bryan/College Station community. We encourage you to join in what God is already doing in and through The Bridge Ministries.

The Bridge Ministries need volunteers to work as greeters, food sorter/stackers, set-up and tear down, cart wranglers, grocery station managers, children’s area workers, produce prep and boxing, traffic control, parking, grocery loading, prayer warriors, and the list goes on! They want to include as many community members as possible so this becomes a local ministry of the people for the people of Bryan and the surrounding areas.

Weekly Schedule:

Tuesday, 2:30-4:00: Food Stacking

This is when volunteers take the left over items from the week before and put them on their corresponding food shelf. We also take an inventory from the Brazos Valley Food Bank delivery and sort those food items so that we are set-up for Thursday’s Food Pantry.

Thursday, 3:00-4:00: Food Pantry Set-up

We need about 10 volunteers each week to help set-up chairs, tables, divide produce, and put out our food to make the night a little less hectic! This is a huge help, and a shorter opportunity for those who can’t stay all night!

Thursday, 5:00-7:30: Client Choice Food Pantry

Families and individuals are welcome to come and select their groceries for their families! We need 30+ volunteers weekly and we have volunteer positions such as:

  1. pushing the grocery carts and helping sack people’s food as they select it
  2. managing a food station (restock) as people shop
  3. computer input and paperwork volunteer
  4. We offer prayer to each person that comes through the line as we hope to share the love of Christ with everyone who comes in and to let people know they are loved, valued, and significant.

First Tuesday of Every Month (Starting in January 2019), 5:00-7:30 PM: Produce


Similar to the Client Choice Food Pantry, this event happens once a month and consists of only fresh produce from the Brazos Valley Food Bank. Clients go home with a cart full of fruits and veggies. Volunteer opportunities are very similar to Thursday nights at the food pantry!

If you would like to help out in any way, you can go online and sign up at www.thebridgeministries.org or email info@thebridgeministries.org.

Contact information:



Website: thebridgeministries.org


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The next One Hope Prayer meeting will be held November 8th at A&M Church of Christ, located at 2475 Earl Rudder Freeway, College Station, TX 77845. The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm in the Parlor Room.

When we find out about something great happening, we want to make sure everyone we know will be involved. As more and more information is being shared, it is a great idea to pray for the involvement of all the churches in the community. As you pray for the One Hope Movement vision daily, ask God to bring to your mind the friends and churches that have not yet been given information or signed up as a Participating Church or Ministry.


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One great myth of evangelism is that someone will come to know Christ by simply watching how you live your life. You may have heard a quote similar to “Preach the gospel at all times; when necessary use words.” Jim Denison once repeated this quote and then followed it with “It is necessary to use words.” While it is important to model the life of a follower of Jesus (which sometimes creates opportunities to share), this is not enough.

The Apostle Paul makes it clear in Romans 10 that it is necessary to use words to reach someone with the gospel when he said, “For whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved. How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher?”

Paul is telling us that people cannot call on Jesus for salvation if they have not heard the good news about Him. The gospel “is the power of God for salvation”; not simply how you or I live. We are called to be a witness both in how we live our lives and also in how we verbally share the good news of Jesus. In the spring, we will begin the Practical Witness course which is designed to help you verbally share your faith where you work, live and shop. To receive updates on the upcoming course, sign-up here https://onehopemovement.com/get-involved/share/

Highlight of Hope

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On the morning of February 3rd, 1970, students at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, were scheduled to be in a fifty-minute chapel service in Hughes Auditorium. What appeared to be an ordinary chapel service was about to radically change with the testimony of a student who had been in trouble numerous times with the university.

This young man who a number of students had been praying for was converted to Christ earlier in the morning. When he stood to give his testimony, the manifest presence of God filled Hughes Auditorium and the fifty-minute service turned into 158 hours. Students’ lives were radically changed forever.

In December of 2016, I went to Asbury and spent some time in Hughes Auditorium. While there, I met a lady named ­Sue who was a student in 1970 and present that day. As we begin to talk, I asked her if she could tell me more. As she recalled the day, she immediately began to weep. Her encounter with the manifest presence of God was as fresh in her mind as it was the day it happened.

Sue recalled she had been sitting on the 7th row. When she saw the student stand up to testify, she was immediately concerned as she knew he was a troublemaker. She said when he began to testify to his salvation, the presence of God filled Hughes Auditorium. The president of the university at the time was Dr. Dennis Kinlaw and had just traveled to Canada. When Dr. Kinlaw arrived at his hotel, he had an urgent message to call the university.

During my trip to Asbury, I had the privilege to visit with Dr. Kinlaw. He stated he knew something was wrong and stepped into a phone booth to call Asbury. He said he was told there was a “problem” at Asbury as the chapel service had continued and classes were cancelled. The next day, Dr. Kinlaw stepped into the same phone booth and this time when the connection to Asbury was made, the presence of God filled the phone booth.

Dr. Kinlaw returned to Asbury in the middle of the night to find Hughes Auditorium full of students worshiping and testifying to what God was doing in them. Students were repenting of sin and committing their lives to Christ. Soon after the 158-hour service ended, students began to travel around the country in groups of two giving testimony to what God was doing at Asbury. Repeatedly, the manifest presence of God would follow the students and revival would breakout wherever they went. Eventually over 100 college campuses experienced revival through the student’s testimony.

The beginning of the Asbury revival can be traced to six students who in the winter of 1969 committed to read the Bible and pray for thirty minutes a day for thirty days. In addition, they committed to actively share the gospel with others. This brought them to the end of the school term. When school reconvened, they each agreed to get five others who would commit to pray, Bible reading and evangelism for another thirty days. It was near the end of their 2nd thirty-day commitment that revival broke out at Asbury.

There are always common threads of revival; Asbury was no different. In addition to prayer, repentance and seeking God, young people are often a catalyst for spiritual awakening. Will you join me in praying for revival? If so, please set your alarm to pray at either 7:14 am or 7:14 pm. Hundreds are already praying at 7:14.

Highlight of Hope

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The great D.L. Moody said, “Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.” A businessman named Jeremiah Lanphier was the praying man that God used in 1857 to ignite the fire of revival in New York City. This revival started with one man and spread around the globe.


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Are the days of “mass evangelism” over? Some will argue they are. However, the error in the belief that presenting the gospel to large numbers of people is no longer effective lies in forgetting that the gospel “is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.” Whether the good news of Jesus is shared with one, or tens of thousands, it is just as powerful today as it was when Paul wrote about it in Romans 1:16.

We must not think of sharing the gospel in Kyle Field as “mass evangelism”, but one on one evangelism on a mass scale. God’s work of salvation through the gospel is not hindered by the number of people hearing the gospel message. In Peter’s first sermon, Luke records that three thousand were converted! In addition to training hundreds, and maybe thousands, to share the gospel in their own “Jerusalem”, we will proclaim the gospel in Kyle Field on 4/25/20. In this moment, God through His Holy Spirit will meet individuals one on one with the power of His gospel. Read More


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A goal of One Hope is to unite the body of Christ to serve our community.  This month we get the opportunity to highlight an organization that has been doing that for more than two decades.

Save Our Streets Ministries is celebrating 25 years of serving the Bryan/College Station community, and we want to extend an invitation for you to join us as we celebrate with them on October 26th and 27th. Read More


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The Bible says, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Your prayers have power!  Imagine combining that power with the powerful prayers of others! To find out about local opportunities to join in prayer with others see the list below: Read More

Highlight of Hope

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One Hope is more than a gathering at Kyle Field. We believe it is a movement. A movement of visible unity, extraordinary prayer, personal evangelism and a catalytic event that would lead to sustainable community gospel transformation.

Recently, I read an article where a political scientist made reference to the idea that America could be at the beginning of a soft civil war. I don’t know what a “soft civil war” is, but I do know the fact that people are talking about it speaks to the division in our culture. The last real impactful move of God in America followed the extreme division of the late 1960’s. It became known as the Jesus Movement.

A unified Church is the answer to a divided world. For unity to happen in the Church, there must be a common cause to rally around. We believe Jesus and the gospel should be central to the unity of the Church. After all, Jesus is the only One who can replace a cold dead heart with a new one that will demonstrate the love for God and one’s neighbor.

We are now approaching fifty years since the start of the Jesus Movement. Could the stage be set for another great move of God? I believe so. If you are not already a One Hope partner or participating church, we ask you to prayerfully consider being a part of this movement. It’s all about Jesus. He is the One Hope for the individual, the Brazos Valley and beyond.


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During one of our Practical Witness evangelism courses, an 80 year-old gentleman remarked, “I have always wondered how to start that conversation.” He had been a faithful church attender and servant in his church, but did not know how to begin to tell someone else about Jesus.

Jesus said in Acts 1:8 that we are to be His witnesses “in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.” We all have our own “Jerusalem” where we work, live, shop, go to school, etc. The Practical Witness Course is 5 weeks in length and is designed to help almost anyone with the basics of personal evangelism in their own Jerusalem.

Earlier in the year, we taught the PW course at First Baptist Bryan to over 200 people. Our hope is to hold several more PW courses between now and April 25, 2020. If you are interested in how to “start that conversation” and to receive updates, please click this link: https://onehopemovement.com/get-involved/share/

If your church would like to be a host site for a Practical Witness Course, please email us at info@onehopemovement.com